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London Barber Exchange: Where Tradition Meets Trend in Men's Grooming!

Step into a world where timeless men's grooming techniques blend seamlessly with contemporary haircuts, right in the heart of London, Ohio. 

Services & Pricing: Tailored for Every Gentleman

From buzzcuts to classic trims, we've got a chair waiting for you.

  • Men's haircuts perfected - a blend of tradition and today's style.

    26 US dollars
  • Strictly for 60 and older gentlemen.

    23 US dollars
  • Single blade clipper only haircut. One length all over.

    21 US dollars
  • Sculpting stories, one masterful men's beard trim at a time.

    15 US dollars
  • Hair Cut with a Beard Trim

    30 US dollars

More than Just a Cut: The London Barber Exchange Difference

We don't just shape hair; we build connections and craft memories.

Community First

A barbershop where men's grooming becomes a community event, fostering friendships and memorable conversations.

Blend of Eras

Celebrating the best of both worlds: time-honored grooming techniques and contemporary haircut styles.

Customer Centric

Every snip, trim, and shave is a reflection of our commitment to you.

Laughter & Precision

A balance of lighthearted moments and uncompromised professionalism in every service.

Founder's Statement

London Barber Exchange_Owner-Tino Perez.jpg
"At London Barber Exchange, our mission is to provide the community with current and traditional haircuts and grooming services, blending modern and old-school techniques, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction and fostering good conversations in our barbershop."


Founder & Barber

barbershop chairs

Chop, Style, Wow! Ready for the Transformation?

Book your slot at London Barber Exchange and let's snip your way to standout grooming!

Haircut Showcase: A Journey of Style

Take a glimpse into our world of artistic precision and customer smiles.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Monday - Friday: 9AM to 5PM

Saturday: 8AM to 5PM

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